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I see Amazon US already sells the DVD and I know it has already been shown once at the BFI Southbank in London but so far I can't find it to buy as a PAL release. Are they waiting to do an English dub? Has one already been done? I'm sure it must be coming out seeing as all of his other stuff has been.So does anyone know when?
I had a German Shepherd for 14 years. He was awesome, but my wife (then girlfriend) was only around for the last 2 yrs of his life. She talked me out of getting another shepherd because "I would always compare the 2 and no dog could ever live up to him" I got a lab and although he is an awesome dog, he just isn't all that a German Shepherd is. She says a second dog is too much hair, walking, and I'd ignore my lab after i got my "real dog" etc. To me, the GSD is the GOD of dogs, but she never had dogs until the lab. Any suggestions?
More pet food recalls! Natural Balance has recalled all their Venison brown rice wet & dry dog food & treats check out article on msn homepage!What next??
How many to the hundredth percent? Or what website can I find it on?
Will you go te heaven or hell? You don't know when you'll die. Be ready before it's too late
You don't know when you will die. Be ready. Will you go to heave or hell. Why?
I've seen two questions today on Q&A asking about when the "resurrection of the dead" and the second coming are to be expected.Curious I did some research (not on the internet mind you) and discovered that there are quite a few dates to choose from!Nostradamus and Fundamentalist Jerry Falwell predicted 1999.Herbert Armstrong was a bit off in his 1975 prediction.Then there is televangelist Jack Van Impe who has had numerous "this is it!" dates from the 80's up to 2012...but he keeps shifting them up and up as the dates come and go.Another religious group routinely shifts their "dates" of the big "meeting".....the Two Brothers cult in California....Multiple other religions have had to "rethink" their Apocalypse dates.Does this tell you anything? When can we expect "anything" to happen? Or...just perhaps...WE should be in charge of our own destinies and take responsibility for our world.
Doctor Woot
Been thinking about the last couple of weeks, sadness all around me. Where did they go? This is not a religious question I know what "Is Written" but sometimes I just can't seem to get my center back "death ain't nothen but a heartbeat away"
i wnt a simple answer not all scriptures. i want it so i can understand it .
Del Toro Auto Ins
Gotta get my first wife to agree and then change some laws but heck, all dreams encounter some hurdles right?And she can only know two words of english... yes sir.;)