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I'm not sure if this actually happened to me or if it was the amount of pain medication they had me on. But, it was so real that i swear it happened, and this spirit told me I wasn't going to die- I had a 20% chance of surviving it and given less than 2 weeks to live. That was in 1991. Has anyone else encountered a ghost or spirit? Please share with me so i know if it was just the meds or if it really happened to me.
I'm trying to find giner flower, or ginger bud, or some even call it torch ginger flower, too cook a specialty Asian dish. I can't seem to find it in Uwajimaya, has anyone ever seen these sold in Seattle? The Malay name for this flower is "bunga kantan"
My desktop encounters a problem today. I want to repair it. What is the best, most reliable and most affordable computer repair shop in Seattle? (preferably downtown area.) Thanks.
My hard disk just died last night. I need to repair it to save my data. Is there a good repair shop in Seattle or nearby?
if you live in wash. and are in king county please answer this question seriously.
?????​382Perhaps you could provide a source link that shows different brands for different networks?
Looking to get a car security system installed on a 1998 2-door Chevrolet Tahoe. Car Toys is quoting me way over what I should be paying (in my opinion), but don't know of any other shops in Seattle that I can get other quotes from. Suggestions?
the only dealer i found is in tacoma. that is way too far, particularly for service. do bmw dealership sell and service them?