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QueenToad got me to thinkin'...
Do you typically use a search engine first to find your answers? And then if you can't find what you're looking for... then you come over to QnA to ask real people?Of do you use QnA because you'd rather ask real people and wait for answers instead of having to figure out various search terms on a search engine?
for me it was to believe or not to believe in a higher power. i totally believe in God, but to be honest, doubt has a way of stepping in. it is at this time, i drown myself in the Bible searching for truths. science just can't provide it for me.
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This is about the 10th time I've queryed, still no response , why? has been a web site for over ten years, but, no where to be found on MSN, why? Thanks for your help.
try these two options and tell me what i'm doing wrong?1. type and search for: define non-inclusive2. type non-inclusive in the Live Search toolbar field and select Search Web ==> More ==> Look up Word
and where can i get a free bug scanners to get red of them it allways asks me to buy the program
Worked fine for a few weeks but now it doesnt return any results, ever.
I've a party that has criminal harassment charges here in my country pending against them. They keep visiting my website and have now found this function here in this site. I wish to block them from accessing my pages and pictures.