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I have a prescription for xanax. sometimes i run out and i have klonopin left over from before. if i got popped with a pee test would it show that i took klonopin, or would it just appear i just took my xanax?
Is there a difference on the results of the two in a urine test?
I have heard that the "blue screen of death" means that your computer is "fried"... (that happened before)So... I am sitting on the couch watching tv, and checking my e-mail, all of a sudden-it freezes up (that was before i firefox) so i wait a min. and it is still frozen... I press ctrl+alt+del, and end iexplore.exe (internet explorer) and i get the blue screen of death- i was shocked-i thought the computer was gone!... Until, it simply restarted, and booted as normal...???????????So anyways, i get this thing - on average - once a month- it simply restarts... What is going on???????????
i have had it for maybe a haf a year something like that what i do do i need to get some 1 to clean it?