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in regard to the dog food recall
The Oracle
"Alienation"...I thought it was super. Aliens come to live with us, integrate into our society in Los Angeles.....they had a language and syntax on that show and that was shown in subtitles....the two alien, one human....Why'd it get cancelled?...It was just too good....~sniff~
I am going to be majoring in Computer Science and was wondering what it is all about. I have done the computer information systems aspect through B.O.C.E.S. but wanted to broaden my knowledge of computers through Computer Science. Are their job openings readily available or all filled? Any Scholarships Available?
watchu guys think of doing computer engineering to major inwats a computer engineer, software engineer, programmerwats da diff.
Anybody know why usbs die? I just want to know so that i won't kill anymore in the future! ;)
I have read a few strictly science fiction books in which the technology is present and accounted for. They did not go into too many details about how the machines worked. Then again, there are others that would not stop telling us how it worked or what it does. Which of the two do you prefer? Do you like to know what the machine does and how it works?
One year, I was at a school over the summer, and in a science room I saw a chart of energy capture, storage, and release, and their was this one thing that I didn't quite understand. I asked the teacher whose room it was what that was, and he said that when an extremely high voltage is applies to water, it will go in a direction with extreme force. What is this technology? If you can find it, I think you're really smart.