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This is due tomorrow. Please no joke answers. If you are going to answer, please answer all!:-What do you think are the 10 most important skills for a student to have as they enter the 21st century workforce?-In your opinion, what are at least 3 classroom activities/exercisescould teachers and students do to attain and practice those skills?-What words of advice would you give students around the United States as they enter the 21st century workforce?GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! :)
this is for a school powerpoint project.. so i need to find all kinds of drugs (yeah this sounds really inconspicuous....) any who, i need some drug names what they do and side effects, the whole jazz or whatever kind of slang they had back then.... (no i don't need slang terms!!1)thank you for your answerspeace out!
need records of completed GED.
Jessie's Mom
I Carolina Turner is looking for my class mate in 1982
Is this true for you? Do you know what your cholesterol is now and how often do you have it checked (even if it was good when you last had it done.) According to the news this morning during a recent survey only 32% of people know what their cholesterol number is but 76% of people remember what they weighed in high school. They even pointed out that people who had their cholesterol checked recently don't remember what their numbers were.
My teacher just died and I feel like i said something wrong the day before. What should I do to cleanse myself. I feel horrible.
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We had to listen to the school counsler about dealing with death and people who have had someone die close to them. I found out somones mom died (not reveling a first name even to protect privacy) during her sleep and they brought in counslers to talk about it.
I've liked the kid since 7th grade and he dropped out this year, I worry about what that could do to my future, but I think he's had enough punishment for the decision as it is. Do you think it would be fair to not date him just because he dropped out?
complexities, teach you to translate their mysterious way of communicating... and make life easier for everyone involved, since you will be more easily understood (and much more bearable to be around)? Would you?? Any suggestions for the classes offered? Funter away!This was inspired by a comment that Yvonne made on another question...​488E