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He has several others supporting that view.
If I am correct Sucralose is a sweetner with Aspartame. It gets pretty annoying when your dad thinks he's smarter than you and most times he is, and when you study something and there's tons of research and your dad says your lying and yells and it makes you feel, "Well he knows everything so it must be right but still...". Has anyone gone through this? Also am I correct about Sucralose?
"Use product X to get rid of that bloated feeling""Tired of feeling bloated? Use product X""Do you often feel bloated? Product X should fix that"And so on...Well, what are they going on about?
suicide what would you do I am so lost and scared. I thought we had a pretty open family and a good one but obviously I am totally wrong, I feel like a bad parent I am home all the time and spend time with them all but I am pregnant and I must not be giving all the attention I need to but what do I do with this situation/? i asked him where he had even heard such a thing and he says at school, is this a cop out or what?
could never be elected.........Wouldn't vote for a republican anyway. Just curious. Thank you.
wondering if i did it would u know it was me? and if so, how? (im not). just curious.
I was playing a video game earlier and in the story line a woman said that same saying.. she said it is an old saying.. does anyone know where it originated from?.. do you believe good wombs can bear bad fruit?..
Where does the saying "Don't wash your dirty linen in public" originate from