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Did you know that in China on average the household puts away 30% of their monthly income for savings.
I received by mail from her attorney accounting for her trust fund. Her checking and savings accounts were not in with this accounting. Both banking accounts were suppose to have gone to the attorney and executor upon death. Can we legally subpoena these accounts for audit?
There are changes to the law about DST which become effective on March 11.These may affect some of your systems.More info here:
I think daylight savings is happening a couple week earliy this year? did that go out as an update to windows 2000 and windows XP pcs? or is there a patch?how about machines on a domain will the auto sync? (win2k AD domain)-Nex6
My son was given a savings bond as a gift - he is 6 years old. I know that "POD" means it can't be cashed by anyone else unless he dies. Are there EVER exceptions to this rule? We are in dire financial trouble, and we could really use this money.
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Robert S.
i need help finding information about my savings bonds