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i was reading an article in maxim detaling the mcribs success... and i havent thought of the mcrib in a while.. but wow.. the article got my mouth watering. i know mcribs are limited in the country and are only available at certain times of the year. i'm from california, does anyone know when the mcrib is coming back to california?
Mines peanut butter and banana. My grandpa started fixing then for me when I was little and I loved them. Even now he still fixes them for me.
Need to make a sandwich for school, work, or just because you suddenly got hungry? What would you make?
Most everyone likes a good sandwich, whats your fav and how do you fix it special? My favorite is Bologna on fresh white bread with Mayo, sliced tomato, and sweet pickle slices, finished off with a spritz of salt n pepper....yummy anytime!
My sister Doris has just started a sandwich shop but would love to use her name on it. Hope to get a nice one.