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When a country is running out of money, why doesnt the head of a country just go to the mint and ask them to print some more notes and store them in a national safe of something?
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This PC is a 2002 Micron running Windows XP Home SP3 with Intel Rexbury D845GRG motherboard and factory no name DVD/CD drive. When I go to BIOS I get the following boot options: ATAPI CD, HDD, Floppy. I choose CD and it just spins the DVD for a minute and then loads the HDD. The BIOS update for my motherboard is dated 2003 and doubt it will have anything to help. I have never had any problem booting from a CD in the DVD/CD combo but DVD will not work. Anyone know how I can get around this problem and force it to load from DVD?I've heard about loading from a USB as well but I have no idea how to make the PC recognize a USB as a HDD.
Are you afraid of all Pit Bulls?? Does your county allow your community to possess such breeds? Are you personally afraid because of the media coverage about such breeds or horror stories? Do you think there is hype about this breed? What do you think? Do animal breeders make the dog mean, or is it inbred in the species to attack? Are they vicious? I have a neighbor who constantly allows their Pit to run astray. He's sweet and comes to my door and yard to visit. I am personally afraid that eventually this sweet temperament, animal will become vicious. How do I overcome that, or is that based on my instinct, which I should listen to? Is there any reason to be fearful?