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My adrenaline was so high that after the fight was over I had the dry heaves uncontrollably and today my back is super sore I think from being soooo tense. Have you ever experienced something that caused a rush of adrenaline in you? how did you feel and what happened?
We are looking at some puppies, mom is a police dog, german shepherd and dad is an akc rottweiler. We wanted to know if anyone has this mix and what they think.
My soon to be wife had an after party at our house after her bachelorette party. I was present and some of the younger guys were really drunk and one of them lightly smacked her butt and tried to play fight with her when it happened. I have not seen that behavior since I rescued her 3 years ago. My opinion is that she could not read his energy since he was intoxicated and she was just defending herself and her family. What do you think? No harm done. Just a little confused.