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If we look at the civil rights and liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, what do these rights actually do to "crime control" measures? Does it actually create crime control versus due process? If so, who wins out in the end? If not, can both of these coexist and be equally effective?
How much punishment is enough ? Why can we not allow them to correct their ways and reintegrate into society so that they might also gain employment and contribute to a society from which they once had taken ?
Rayne & Maui
Joe Horn was apparently acting within his rights when he decided that two men were guilty of burglarizing his neighbor's house and he walked over and shot them in the back. Would this same justice apply?
I have several people on board my computer... while closing down accounts I locked myself out. I know... I don't get enough sleep... stupid kicked in. Any ideas how I can get my administrator right back on my computer?
I know several people to whom this has happened and they were very upset even though they are working on company computers.
I know I could query the WMI OperatingSystem Class. And I know that on XP, you can run a command for sysinfo /s servername. But, I think you have to have admin rights to see that.I only want to read this information, so why would I need to have admin rights? To protect vulnerability information?
System Adminstrator rights don't belong to the guest user or to the owner...(when I turn on the computer, those are the only icons I can select, guest and owner - neither one has system admin rights...)