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i need to write a paper on how the september 11, 2001 terrorist attacksaffected the airline stock market, so i need to find data on dailyairline stock returns that cover the period from september 2000 toseptember 2002. where can i find the data? thank you for helping me.
I sold my stock options last year when I left microsoft. I need to file tax returns this year and need to include the income made via those options. Should W2 be enough or should I also use 1099-B that I received from the brokerage firm? If 1099-B is to be used then how do I use it?
If we go when He raptures us, what do our souls do until then. Where do they hang out.
It seems that unless you are investing a lot of money into them, the return is not that great, and yet they are still so popular among people without much to invest - why is that?