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I have Windows XP I am using this for video presentations(mp3/text/photo images)
I am looking for the actual law that refers to return of drugs to a pharmacy. Anyone have the actual law? Quote the US law pertaining to such. Can anyone give me a source that I can find online? Maybe I don't know where to look. Thank you.
Simply Splendid Sgnatures
theres a tombstone with polish writting on it and we have no idea where it came from. can anyone help return this tombstone to it's owner.
Amazing Guy
Is home a place you are relieved to walk into a sanctuary from the world? Nice to travel but no place like home? Or is it the other way around?
why can baseball fans keep them, and can football fans keep them or do they have to return them as well?
hoping you get one back the not the same? I ordered a book, it came upside down, the pages inside, I want it, But do you think, after I return it in mail, I'll get another one. Not like it?
How would you feel, if that happened to you? What would you do about it?1. Walk away2. Curse that person out.3. Punch the person in the face4. Give that person the finger right back5. Give that person the double finger6. Call that person a bunch of names while, giving that person the finger back.7. Spin that person around and put your foot in that persons backside.8. Pook that person in the eye.and run9. Slap that person across the face really hard10. Sit there and cry your eyes out.