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My application was in October of 2006. I have triedto get information locally to no avail; I have also beenin touch with the 800 number, to ask the samequestions, but with no results. I am not working nowand have not worked for4 months. My funds aregetting low, and I am getting quite discouraged. Isit possible for you to enlighten me on the above.Thank you and Happy New Year....Sara Bodnoff
I have sent you other questions which you should have at this time. Please refer to them, and respond ifthat is possible. If you prefer information by phone, you can reach me 24/7 and 702-292-6123. Again, please accept my gratitude. I do not mean to be overbearing, but I need to know the status of thisapplication. Thanks again, Sara
Learning in Retirement is an organization that seniors who wish to continue using their brain cells to study whatever subjects the group may choose, may do so. They are usually sponsored by a university or college, but are peer driven.
Do you think a person couldbe to old to do certain jobs. Why is maturity valued for some things and not others?
Is Erickson a developer or a company? Where is it's head quarters?
I heard that there is a rule where if your age plus years of employment adds up to 85 or more, you can refuse a severance package and force a retirement plan. Is this true in USA and where can I find out about it?