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the lack of oxygen? or could it be due to the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in your lungs? (does that make any sense?) I mean, I wonder if your body is struggling to release the air in your lungs or struggling to take the next breath in? (the weird things people think of... huh?)
A-alwaysB-neverC-sometimes,depending on the assessment of the situation by the trusteeD-only in a voluntary bankruptcy
What is the result of violence?
All I see is spam pages with stolen content in MSN. It used to be good but now I use other search engines instead!
I have an AMD 64 bit 3500 and was curious. I'm currently running Media Center Edition 2005 (unavailable in 64 bit), and will soon be running Vista Home Professional (the 32 bit version). My computer runs very fast now, as I spend a great deal of time slimming it; would it run faster/more efficient if I switched to a 64 bit OS?
what do i do is this causin freeze up and not responding errors
The Oracle
deaths are down considerably. Now, does this affect the hospital and auto insurance business as well as lawyers? economic times indeed.