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I connect to my computer at my apartment from my parents house using real vnc. Every now and then my computer at my apt freezes and doesn't restart. When i right click my computer and enter advanced, startup and recovery the "automatically restart on system failure" is checked (enabled). This is a big prob. because i cannot physicly restart the system, it requires me to drive back to my apt to restart it. I want the system to automatically restart at all times.
i have following IE updates with meWindowsXP-KB883939-x86-ENU.exeWindowsXP-KB888240-x86-ENU.exeWindowsXP-KB896688-x86-ENU.exeWindowsXP-KB896727-x86-ENU.exeWindowsXP-KB905915-x86-ENU.exeWindowsXP-KB912812-x86-ENU.exeWindowsXP-KB916281-x86-ENU.exeWindowsXP-KB917425-x86-ENU.exeWindowsXP-KB922760-x86-ENU.exeWindowsXP-KB925454-x86-ENU.exewhen i install the first one, it asks for rebooting but i check the checkbox of "do not restart now". then i install second one and againt dont restart. continuing this way i install all of above one by one without restarting even once. finally, after application of last one (above updates are in alphabetical order- so newer ones are later), i restart. will such practice result in correct and optimal application of all updates, or should i restart each time after applying an update?
ok i had my computer worked on by geek squad and they put too many parental blocks and i don't want to go up there again to get them to take it off. but when i picked up my computer they gave me two CD's (one that says Boot / Diag CD 1 of 1 and one that says HP Recovery 1 of 2 and another that says HP Recovery 2 of 2) and i was wondering if i reboot my computer and put on the HP recovery would that take off the parental controls?
Padraic Mcgrath
Every time I reboot, windows icons appear, then disappear. Some box that resembles the online home page pops up on screen & stays there up to 10 minutes, & resists removal & I can't get it to do anything I want until it cycles through enough that it sees fit to obey my order. several other windows pop up as well during this time.
Racer Boy 7
i think that is not about the ram and the speed problem,but i dun't know what problem is that.when i buy this computer new wan it quite fast but now why open,shut down or restart need so long time to process?i try scanning computer looking for spyware,virus,hijackthis,adware and etc,but they shown no virus,adware,spyware..........found it mean that your computer are free of viruses.....wat problem is that????????????????
I cannot restart my computer without having to press down the power button for 30 secs... how do I fix this?
I am using Vista Ultimate. No matter what program I use to print, the whole loading animation takes place but then nothing happens until I restart CP. The printer shows the document queued and printing but still nothing until restart.