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Again, would my brothers/sisters be responsible. Who would be responsible or would the debt be written off.I am just considering insurance and stuff.many thanks.
I Want To Know About Roger Federer
what i mean is....what made television become less conservative in what was being aired?did cable happen partly due to the conservatism that used to control the tv? and now digital cable as taken the place of cable in terms of being less conservative?
My daughter is doing a cultural assignment and she asked about the shapes of their eyes. Also what was the reason for the development of fine paper crafts.
As an example: a 14 year old breaks into a store at 2 am on a Wednesday morning. He is caught and charged with the crime. Where were his parents? Why didn't they know that their child was out at 2 am, which is after township curfew (every town has a curfew for children under 18). Should the parents be held accountable with just a fine, or should there be stricter penalties? Would having stricter penalties for parents decrease the crime rate?
Ian S.
religion to be Christian (of varying denominations) - Can you be Christian and authorize or commit torture? What are your opinions?
kids goofing around in livingroom - knocked over a plant - which hit a lamp - which clobbered into a "gemstone" globe received from inlaws at Christmas.They knew they were not to play in there - problem is they are not careful. Parents tend to think other kids should be watching theirs. They brought in hockey sticks etc. Now the globe is broken - cost $400 to replace.