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With some questions it is difficult to judge how serious the person asking it is and I am worried that I will offend someone. Sometimes things are really sad on this site and I sometimes think that a little humor would help.
There's only one right's what the cops advise.It's kinda interesting to think about these we never know when our lives will depend on what we do in some situations.
Main Considerations:- Black looks black (not washed out by the florescent backlight)- Colors are vibrant and true- Minimal Ghosting and residuals- high refreshrateI would like to have something that has a responsiveness close to a CRT.
I am currently using ReadToEnd method in a multi-threaded environment handling multiple request , there is lot of contention and this readToEnd takes more than 5-6 times the regular duration .
I have sent you other questions which you should have at this time. Please refer to them, and respond ifthat is possible. If you prefer information by phone, you can reach me 24/7 and 702-292-6123. Again, please accept my gratitude. I do not mean to be overbearing, but I need to know the status of thisapplication. Thanks again, Sara
I have dsl. It's not supposed to be this slow. When I click, "submit" or the back button or "ask", "questions", basically anything, I sit there and stare at the screen while this downloading type box appears and it fills from white to blue from left to right and takes about 10 seconds each time. But when I sign out and go to read my Yahoo email, go to different websites, go to my Yahoo 360 page, etc, when I click on something, no matter what it is, it pops up in about a half second.
Any suggestions? I need a good truck or SUV for fire fighting/emergency response (getting there fast and safe, not fighting fires)
I Was The Former Raven
How do I present my answer positively, my reason was that I was being accused a thief, no breaks, worked the entire the store by myself. I had told old job that I had better job opportunity and I was taking it, it had failed , through ,,