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This young man act as if he was very interested in me. I texted him to try and get the relationship going. I now feel I have overstepped my boundaries and I hate to face him at work in 2 days.
Angelita Blondy
don't have a virus or anything. I don't know what to do. ANy help anyone? Thanks a million.
Last night, Microsoft sent an update, I ran it, and went to sleep. This morning, my little guy was frozen on the update. I turned him off, and waited an hour, and re-booted. I got to my screen, and when I tried to open a program- he froze- no response at all. What is up, and what can I do ? I have pulled the plug, and waited, and then re-booted again, nothing. Any ideas will be much, much appreciated !
With the power of computers these days, why isn't some basic form of AI available?
When my 1st husband passed away they demanded our childrens SS checks and told our children (thier grandchildren) that since thier dad is dead they mean nothing to them and never want to hear from them or see them ever again. They also told our children they could not have anything from thier dads home, not even thier clothes that where there.