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You may deny a human cause to global warming, but you cannot deny that the Earth is changing. Simply considering that the polar ice caps are receeding, Greenland's glaciers are melting, any mountain historically showing snow and ice now showing bare ground... Now I am no scientist, but I've seen ice in a glass and it eventually melts, and I learned at a pretty young age as to why. WHY ARE WE STILL DEBATING THE OBVIOUS? Please explain how these events can occur and the Earth is NOY getting warmer. The root cause is, of course, the ever increasing hords of human population. Again, I don't believe you need to be a scientist to understand an increasingly large consuming force versus a finite supply of resources. Stopping wouldn't happen overnight, so we need to get thinking about it, shan't we?
UN wants to disarm the US (It's biggest source of income)Also many countries buying up resources from US.Much of that metals, (and buying it at high price as well) now what will the US do when something happens that it needs much metal?( For instance if the war happens)What do you know about this?
Like, energy that other countries produce that the US uses (not destroys like everyone says energy can't be created or destroyed) You know what I mean... PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks!If possible can I have the answers in percents? It would be easier to under stand.You know what I'm asking.Like ____% of this comes from another country etc. PLEASE HELP!
Using demand and supply analysis, explain how resources are allocated through changes in price in ...a market economy. Help!
For instance, with digital distribution, you could copy an MP3 or e-book or whatever as much as you want and never "run out." How does this change traditional economics?
What did you buy that wasn't worth to use of the planets resources for?
This is a business management project and I am writing an essay on the different management functions
In this day in age with our technology obviously high tech why is our ways still the same with energy usage and contamination of the ecosystem?? Is money really as important than our whole race's future??
The computer will not boot in any mode. If I click "OK" the computer reboots until this same error message
my computer is low on resources,what does that mean