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I have been doing my own research but any event i come up with is either insanly boring or doesn't influence three cultures.
ok i m working on my research paper right now and i m typing something that has a number next to itfor example: "thats funny" he said.1 the one is small and it is in the corner and i have no idea what to do! can someone please help me??? thanks
Tags: research
I am a teacher and i need them to seach on a database, but i cant create one without the data, and i really dont wanna ask loads of people. just wondering if anyone knows where i can get this from,
i said what does this mean. he said what is the percentage of people in nebraska that appreciate computers. he said make use of internet and newspapers...etc still dont understand it.
I use, I have also used quite a few years ago. Do you think one provides better service for research and document finding than another?