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Excerpts from:​O5"WASHINGTON (AP) — The fate of $600-$1,200 rebate checks for more than 100 million Americans is in limbo after Senate Democrats failed Wednesday to add $44 billion in help for the elderly, disabled veterans, the unemployed and big business to the House-passed economic aid package.Republicans banded together to block the $205 billion plan from advancing Wednesday..."I mean, won't this look like they are against Vets, the elderly, the unemployed and Businesses, during an economic down turn and during an election year?Thanks for answering,Ben
The last time I remember a Republican President balancing the budget was when President Eisenhower was leaving office. I remember him saying it when I was around 8 years old. I don't recall ever hearing it from another Republican President and will check shortly to see how many budgets have ever been balanced. If you truly believe the Democrats are the ones responsible for spending, back it up with facts. Can you do a comparison of Presidents and balanced budgets?
The democrats have a plan to improve our ailing economy. The republicans have nothing but their ability to criticize.
When folks in church give money to help those less fortunate, is that closer to the economic policies of one party or the other? If so, how?
While another incident that has a military bearing is occurring in Georgia further adding to our list of military responsibilities (that we adopt voluntarily), does the fact that (my condolences to the Democratic Party Chairman's family in Arkansas) a nut went on a rampage that was politically motivated signal desperation in the Republican Party? Why else would you enter a campaign headquarters if you did not have a personal issue to settle with someone? It seems like Howard Dean's Rebel yell all over again. YEAH!!! We're not backing down no matter how big the other dog is in the fight, or no matter how many dogs we have to fight. Who's next? Put em up. Could it be we decided we are so bleeping special that we are entitled to run the world?
Here are the Presidential terms and the increase in GDP calculated from: Jr. +8.75%Clinton. +17.87%Clinton +13.53%Bush Sr. +8.81%Reagan. +15.98%Reagan. +12.63%Carter. +13.67%Nixon-Ford. +10.62%Nixon. +12.38%Johnson. +21.81%Kennedy-Johnson. +19.86%Eisenhower. +10.91%Eisenhower. +13.45%Truman. +21.00%Here are the increases of debt/GDP: are the jobs created by Presidential term:​ms
Seven year chart comparing the Euro to the Dow/S&P​chartbt=Redraw+chart&compsyms=&CA=1&CB=1&D4=1&DD=1​&D5=0&DCS=2&MA0=0&MA1=0&CP=1&C5=1&C5D=17​&C6=2001&C7=1&C7D=17&C8=2008&C9=-1&CF=0&D7​=&D6=&symbol=%2FEURUS&nocookie=1&SZ=0Three month chart comparing the Euro to the Dow/S&P.​chartbt=Redraw+chart&compsyms=&CA=1&CB=1&D4=1&DD=1​&D5=0&DCS=2&MA0=0&MA1=0&CP=1&C5=10&C5D=17​&C6=2007&C7=1&C7D=17&C8=2008&C9=-1&CF=0&D7​=&D6=&symbol=%2FEURUS&nocookie=1&SZ=0You would have been much better off, exchanging your dollars for euros and investing in their market, putting them in the bank or just hiding them under your bed.