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Jims Best Angle
If the democrats are not getting what they want in the Financial Bailout, will Nancy Pelosi shutdown the House again. After all, it is a schedule vacation period just like when she shutdown the House during the energy debate. That seem to be an acceptable reason to her supports then, would it still be acceptable?
We plan on doing this youth thing, and we want to try and get Tim Tebow to speak there. How can I contact him?
I purchased a 525i BMW, and the saleperson quit couple month ago. It is very expensive car in Taiwan, and I hope I could get a great service. 525i costs me US$80,000, and the BMW's customer service did not worth this amount. Next time, I will buy another brands, but BMW.Best regardsEVE
I purchased Aristo brass Track and have discovered a manufacturing flaw, where there are slices on each tie and it looks like the assembly machine cut each tie as it was being attached to the rail. I would like to check their guarantee.