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I scratched my xbox disc = (
Slap Daddy
David finally reached his boiling point and beat the loving snot out of server #3 and it is expected to fail permanently on may 21st. what aspects of QnA could push a MS. team member to such drastic measures?
The add remove program on my control panel does not work. I cannot open it to add or remove programs. When I double click on add or remove programs the computer freezes up, and I get a message that iti si not responding. How can I fix this problem?
My desktop encounters a problem today. I want to repair it. What is the best, most reliable and most affordable computer repair shop in Seattle? (preferably downtown area.) Thanks.
system won't even go into 'safe mode' and want to repair any corrupted files
Tags: repair
I can clear it manually via DOS prompt but not through a windows repair command.
MMC shows no snap-ins for internal and external drives. I need those to run my usb drive to back up my files.