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Does a user know they have violated the CoC? A point charge-off that pops up, something that tells you, like, THAT'S ONCE or anything. Anyone know?
A question was removed earlier ( about suicide) I answered and later when I went to look for comments it was gone. I never keep track of my points, so I don't know if I lost any. I've thought about this before but never asked. I couldn't see why the question was offensive but do they let you know why they would remove a question if you were the one to ask? Ok I got 2 questions here
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????? I CAN'T COMMENT, SO PLEASE ACCEPT MY THANKS RIGHT HERE.
I like the content removed review only there is no diplomatic link to get out of the page! No I do not agree.
Sometimes I miss a letter typing or hit letter out of order, and I'm afraid one day I'll do that on a tag.
Ron called it a "burp" that he was gonna look into, MamaV posted it on the boards which I had no access to to while out of back in town and STILL not one explanation from any Team memeber--am I missing something? If so, please team tell me where to look? The ONLY thing I can come up with as possible "violation" is use of the word "faith." Is that now a violation? If not---PLEASE tell me what exactly my Q DID violate---someone---please---all other removed Q's [mine] I can at least by stretching things come up with "something" of a violation....but after reading, re-reading, and intense thinking about this particular Q---can come up with NOTHING--help please. {Though will not hold my breath as am sure I will die from suffocation before receiving ANY sort of explanation no matter how succint]-LOL:)))K
I asked "Who would like to join me and welcome Bev back home today?"What is wrong with that question? it was tagged correctly! who could that possibly offend...Three out of the last five questions I've asked have been pulled.......don't think I'll bother asking any more : ((
How can I get rid of the two issues that cannot be resolved by Microsoft Onecare. They said that the threat from those issues is high.