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My dog ran out to the back of the property yesterday morning and when she finally decided to come home she was covered in small brier looking things. Her head is the worst of it all and now her fur is all matted down. What is the safest method to use to remove all these? Would it just be better to take her to the groomers?
scrubbed properly? Or doesn't it matter, because you believe it is poor manners to eat the entire potato, even though many of the nutrients are known to be in, and near, the skin?
i.e., I want to look up birds and all bi....sites fall into the drop down if I have ever visited there before. This is especially aggravating on a shared computer.
The add remove program on my control panel does not work. I cannot open it to add or remove programs. When I double click on add or remove programs the computer freezes up, and I get a message that iti si not responding. How can I fix this problem?