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I wanted to get laser hair removal done on my face but they told they have to shave my face before. Being a woman I panic and thought it was crazy and didn't do it!!! I'm afraid of shaving my face and become like a man with beard if the laser doesn't work on me....... Does anyone know how effective these lasers are?
I have been assigned a previously used computer, I am not the original user of this computer, I have found a lot of spyware, how do i remove the spyware for free
My computer says I have a network-1.virus. How do I get rid of it? Is there a free removal tool that I can download to get rid of it?
all the registry cleaners find many problems,but will not remove unless you buy download
On XP(SP2) I have 3 PC's running OneCare. Previously installed were Spybot and Cleaner on some boxes and Defender + Malicious Software removal tool on others. When installing OneCare on the Media Center Server I was asked if I would allow something through the firewall (disguised as familiar PGM names) I allowed... Now, BIG trouble. Takeover of the box is incessant, a lot of web pages pop up (though not connected) describing PC protection tools 7.1. Manual efforts to track down and remove the offending files result in them being replicated as other file names or they are in use and appear immune for removal. This thing is heinous. Help
Big Jim
Coupler at comressor is easy to get to,but I'll be dipped if I can locate the the other one at the accumulator end. The crimp connector is leaking at the compressor end.Am I missing something?Any tricks I should know?
removed in order to access the starter motor. If anyone has a chilton's or haynes manual, a brief description would be appreciated.