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M. L.
I would and if i knew you had kids i would do it in a heartbeat. I just need positive feedback. Please!
Doctor Woot
I have I think will be the saddest duty I have ever performed. My sisters' daughter is crack head. My sister and her husband both drunks. What I do or will do will tear what is left of my family apart
My car is very new and it is a very nice car (Acura RL). . . Later today a relative is going to go on a trip with me and he smokes aaallllooootttt and I am afraid he might need to light up before we get there. . . He is very kind and I dont by any means want to hurt his feeling or anything so how can I ask him not to smoke in the car very politely, how do I word it?
I want to be able to move my presentations and hyperlinked files to either a portal, network, or CD without breaking the links.
He only owes $10,000.00 more.What does he need to do? I dont think they have much on paper (hey, it wasnt me)I think he is too pizzed off to talk to the seller. Any ideas? Thank you.
Sacramento Community Family Resources.
If what we observe E in motion as mass, could the fabric of space or dark matter be nothing more than E in its lowest rest state?Furthermore could the disturbance of Flat Space E creating a vortexal momentum spin state, create mass due to compression and spin between positive and negative forces?