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Dr. Wolfman
Some claim there is no "real truth". There is no "right and wrong". Some believe that tolerance has replaced truth and that we should not teach "truth", even as a family, to our own children. Some say teaching what we say is "truth" to our children is child abuse. My truth is that Jesus is Lord, and that scripture is given to us by God (God breathed, given to men as the inspired word of God) but I'm told that it's child abuse to teach my children what I believe is truth. it leading people to reject the idea that real truth exists? Is postmodernism causing the death of truth???? Not in my house. :) What do you think about postmodernism?
out of principal? i think its his way of controlling me you know like now I owe him something
You would like to test Ho: p = 0.60 against a two-sided alternative ata 0.04 level of significance. The population of interest is dichotomous with unknown proportion. A random sample of 1500 observations will be collected.You will reject the null hypothesis if the p-value is found to be 0.0316TRUE or FALSE?