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the police chased my son in a high speed chase that resulted in amy son crashing into another car. they beat mt son up real bad with witnesses present. there not letting me see my son nor ares they telling me anything about him
Anyone have a hybrid car? Is it really an improvement? I heard the price you pay extra for the hybrid does not justify the savings in gas. On a similar subject, since gas is becoming such a problem, if you were buying a home, would you prefer an electric kitchen stove? What about home heating...would you go with elec. over gas?
I asked a question about what might be wrong with my car just recently; and I took it in to have it looked at; and they are pretty sure it is the flywheel; which is a lot better than the motor going bad(at least this is what I am told). But, they said they had to remove tons of stuff to get to it. What exactly does a flywheel do for a car?
Land in Maharashtra has been demarkated into various Zones line U1, R-1 R-2 etc. I would like to have the Notification Number of the same