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The lost mountains of iowa are inhabited by rare deer. Patches of grass are far apart in this land. If a deer find a fresh patch of grass and spends "h" hours grazing it, it gets the square root of "h" units of grass. The deer compete for grass. Where there are "n" deer, it takes a deer "n^2" mins to find a fresh patch. A deer can survive if it gets 1 unit of grass every 200 mins. a. Find the average cost in time of a unit of grass if a deer gets "y" units of grass from each patch.b. How much time will an efficient deer spend in each patch where there are "n" deer? (Hint: Minimize average cost.)c. Since there is free entry into the deer business, the equilibrim population is the maximum number of efficient deer who can survive. How many is this?
It seems ironic that the WWE may be hiding something regard Benoit family death and possibly their or someone in the companies involvement in the deaths. There is just something terribly wrong with this picture, especially since it was announced of Nancy's death 14 hours before the discovery. what is Vince and the WWE hiding???
One Twisted Child
Clinton And McCain are both in favor of a "gas tax holiday", whereas Obama has taken the position that it is nothing more than a "political ploy that won't help struggling consumers". Who is out of touch with the current state of our economy?
sounds for each "event". Is there, however, a default set of sounds, that would save me time?