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I know I've read about them, so I don't feel like paying $50-$80 just to get a few accidentally deleted files back from a USB flash drive. Thanks!
What is system recovery. I heard that it erases everything on your computer and gos back to the pograms and setting when you first got it. Is this true. Should I do it.
When in the "Recovery Console" for repairing (R) a Windows XP Home Edition installed version...and it asks for the admins password...uh....what if you forgot it? Is there a way to find it? I now have 2 Windows XP H.E installed on my desktop. One that works, and one that I want to recover.HELP!!!
i just bought a dell dimension desk top e521 w/vista and i have to run in recovery mode just to be able to can i go back to normal mode and still be able to do everything
I was told that this hard drive will clean itself, when I try to do a disk clean up all that shows is the recycle bin and there's nothing in it. (There's another drive, COMPAQ(C:) I can clean that one.) Should I leave this alone and let it take care of itself or is there something I need to do with this Recovery(D:)?
One came with my HP dvd write but has dissappeard in our last move. Any free software would be great but if i have to i will purchase one. let me know