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I'm shopping for a home camcorder and I'm not sure if I should get a model that records directly to mini-DVD or one that records to tape or hard drive? Which is best?
He left the game after 2 years, he's backKingdom ComeHe claimed hisself as the Michael Jordan of recording in his 2nd single "Show me what you got"
Must Be FreeMust Record Audio & VideoMust create files that are played by Windows Media PlayerMust create files that are smallMust be easy to usePlease tell me the website i can get it from.Thank You!!!
I would like to quickly create interactive, engaging training content like, but I want to use Flash Professional. Thanks in advance.
I want to record television programs to my PC hard drive. I use comcast cable network. Can I do this?If Yes, what do I need to buy to do this in an economical way? & also how to do this? I use windows vista on my pc.
I just bought a TV with an A/V out port. I know what this does, it allows you to output the audio/video signal to a different device or screen. So I got into thinking, why not record songs I want from my videogames using a wave editor I have and the line-in port on my computer's sound card? The question I am asking is: If I hook the Audio out on the back of my TV to the line-in port on the back of my computer, will anything get messed up? Sorry, let me rephrase that, will the sound card on my computer or the audio on my TV get damaged? Should I go for it or scrap it? Has anyone done this before? If I can do this, is there anything I should know first? I don't want anything to get messed up because I don't feel like buying another tv and my computer I just don't want to replace right now (even though its old). Thanks everyone!
i have a program called hyper cam and i get great video from it but i cant seem to get it to record sounds coming from an application (same application i am recording video from)i have:hypercam (unregistered free version)Vista ultimatesound max audio card (comes on M2n 32 sli deluxe motherboard)
I want to transfer some old cassette tapes to digital files. You can do it by recording through the line-in on your computer, but you have to have software to record it into. I downloaded Music Match Jukebox that said it could do it...had to purchase the upgrade of Yahoo Jukebox...and after downloading found out that that option is no longer available. Any ideas?