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How do i find out about the IRS Economic Stimulus Act Rebate Check?
Just wondering if companies count on the consumer not sending in the rebate form and collecting on the rebate, My daughter bought a new computer with a rebate and I followed the steps in making copies of the receipt and cutting out the box section and mailing it off, I even put extra postage to be sure, I got a letter back stating that the copy of the receipt was missing, and that's just bull.... are they counting on me not following the steps AGAIN to collect the rebate?
I heard on CSPAN that Bill Gates was giving $100.00 - $300.00 rebates to people who bought a computer between 2004 and 2007. Is this true? If so where do I go to apply?
also can i do rebate for me and a friend from the same computer??
I upgraded my cell phone and was told that I could get a rebate online but where do I look?
not retirees or the poor? I really do not understand? The poor could certainly use the money and the really is just peanuts to them!