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Jims Best Angle
The Mexican Government is claiming that the Cartels are getting their weapons from the United States and it is our fault and we need to do something. Will the democrats use this to try and restrict gun ownership in the United States. If guns were outlawed in the United States would the cartels throw up there hands and turn themselves in, our buy guns from international arms dealers? Do you think they would have a hard time finding international arms dealers? Could they actually be buying fully automatic weapons from them right now?
Everywhere I search says fish and fish oil are great for dogs [if not a little rich] and is good for skin/fur/brain/joints. But my Vet told me to never give my dogs fish. WHY?
You didn't share common interestsYour dates were jerksThere was no physical chemistryYour dates were not very smart or wittyYour dates did something embarrassing