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Our congressmen are holding hearings on the most important legislation our country has seen in 50 years....all about the economy and why this bailout is soo necessary. Why are they qualified? Are you? Is Obama....because he's an attorney -- or McCain because he's been in the Senate over 20 years? ('course they aren't even there), but I think you understand what I mean. What makes our politicians qualified to tweak and tear apart this legislation? The answer is, they're not. If they don't trust the experts, get new experts, I say. What say you?
You can go to the website link below and read the very pages of various Bills that is on Congress's table. How much each one will cost your family in Tax revenues, and what impact they will have upon your lives in the future. Not many people know about many of these Bills, but for those whom they are directly related to until it is to late. Now you to can tell me which of these bills will directly effect you that you did not know about before?
Blue Cafe
With the recent nationalization of Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae & now AIG, making the Us Government the worlds largest Insurance Company, & having done all this without compensating investors yet retaining CEO Salaries, is Bush & Co finally showing their true colours to be international Fabian Socialists for a One World Socialist System? A Socialist system in which a small group of elite control a Socialist based system funded by the public?
With capitalism, if I see something I need, I buy it, or if the price is too high, I build it myself.With socialism, a committee is elected or appointed, to make such decisions for me and everyone.If the committee decides the price is too high, they take it.Isn't that the birth of war?Isn't an "fluid-Constitution" socialism the most undemocratic, anti-social, governing structure of all?Does Liberty belong to the individual, or to the majority opinion? ...What is the best balance?