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Tell me one time in which a poor person ever created a job? Do you not realize that when taxes are increased on the rich they just bury there money to protect it as they like anyone want the most return for their investment? Do you not realize that some of the richest Americans are politicians and that when the pass a tax that will effect them they will make sure that there is a tax cut or shelter to protect their money? Tax the rich or tax cut for the rich is just something to stir the pot and make people angry or excited depending on which one they are talking about. They are just playing anyone that fall for the rhetoric is a fool that they have a great time laughing at. Do you want to be their fool?
the dvd recorders i seen have only a 12 format tuner not an 18 which is what i need for my tv.
It interesting to realize and notice the features of our family members of friends. May be we could tell about our husband's or wife's eyes color the same with friends.It is good for our human relationships to do that.
Guys: How many times were you told "You're too nice" by a girl you wanted to go out with?
i sometimes look at the related questions list next to the Q. and i find that sometimes it has absolutely nothing to do with the Q being asked.
Mtn? G?l N?rma
That advice is like snow...... the softer it falls the deeper it sinks? Wouldn't it be great if we were all more tolerant and respected and accepted others as we should?
is it a software process or hardware? is there a special internet code for each country?(apart from the telecommunication's international country codes)?please let me know how i can obtain information in this regard and get the full text of the relating country codes if there exist such codes. Thanking you in anticipation .
The Oracle
your monitor......"Top Contributor" says rotubirtnoC poT!!!! ??????hahahahaha