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if you're in no hurry to get in the door, all you got to do is get the key within 10 feet of the lock and it will slide right in as if a hand slid out of the lock and pulled it in....but if you reeeaaally got to get in, for whatever reason (but generally cause you need the bathroom something wicked), that stupid key just flat out refuses to have anything to do with the lock unless you are precisely lined up......and then it don't want to turn.........
Tags: quickly
Or late to pick up kids or anything like that? I haven't yet but I am worried that one day I will. I was wondering if this has happened to any of you.
i'm constantly checking times there a site where i can download a conversion guide. it would be a suitable tool for apprentice beginners too.
i've tried other programs like taskbar hide but it wont capture the keystrokes for the key combination to hide
-system restore doesnt work-my computer isnt reading that i canplay any kind of sound (it isnt reading the sound card even though itsays in sound hardware that it was working fine)-movie maker STILL not workin (just throwin that one out there again)-windows xp themes change at random to windows classic-CPU usage spiking when nothing is runningpleasenote that i have my windows install disk and can perform a systemreinstall but thats the ABSOLUTE LAST THING i want to do. i have way tomany programs (some pretty heavy) and i just did my yearly zeroing outof the hard drive back in january. i dont want to have to do that again.
hey i need to un block a web site on a computer (windows xp) and i have no clue were it is ! signed, help me now plz!!!!!
There's an optimal speed for fuel efficiency while driving a car. I think it's around 50 MPH. So what I want to know is, are you better off gunning it to get to that speed, or gradually get up to 50 MPH? What made me wonder is that using the "Resume" function of my cruise control always accelerates very quickly up to the preset speed--and I wondered if that wastes any gas.