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Someone may need help what possible good comes from hiding it.
Okay.. i have a dog that we think is pregnant and i just noticed like little bumps on her tummy. There are a few that are like pimples on her legs and i dont know if they are okay..
~coolio Meg~
This is not a school assignment or anything of that sort. Please, I urge you to comment on it. Thank You.Death is coming for me. I wish it was coming for me. This world, this life, this materialistic view of life is all going to disintegrate. I can*019t help it. I literary feel the pain and anguish in my heart, the pain of knowing and not being able to change anything, the pain of existence, and of my helplessness to alter the Decision. My heart is tormented by the lack of beauty in the world. I see the limited beauty present being taken away from me, going into the never ending space which Einstein and all the relativist called indefinite. How I wish I was there when Galileo presented his case against the Church, or when Einstein took his courage to go against the world and its traditional Newtonian Physics.I wish I was there for the entire known and unknown hero*019s of science who made it possible for Einstein to speculate on his Theory of Relativity. Part 2 will follow.
I often have trouble deciding what information I want to know about someone and which questions are more appropriate than others. That's why I stick with the most basic questions and work up to the deeper ones.
I know I bounce questions off of a certain person and we'll both say..yeah that would make a good question for qna! heh I also get some ideas from questions we ponder at's an all girlie environment so you can just imagine what we can come up with. :-)