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"This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius..." What did they mean with that line?
What does this mean to you? "1500 Yd Wadcutter"If this is something inappropriate, please forgive me. Thank you.
i am.i get too many vios as it is, for no reason. so im gonna be safe than sorry with this. because i know my stalker(s) will take whatever chance they can, with reporting me. dont want to encourage it by not having "conversational" on about you?
answered that same question with the condition that your answer to that question would be deleted; do you think you would sometimes use that option.It could be as simple as you pushing the 'vote for this answer' button and a little pop-up window would come up saying "are you sure you want to do this? Voting on this answer will delete your answer to this question." and if you push the yes button, then pink, answer deleted, answer voted. Of course, after doing this, you wouldn't be able to answer that same question a second time. And, I don't think it would be a huge problem for trolls that use it to delete what they already wrote, b/c, well, that's not a bad thing if a person deletes that, and its not like the comments that were in response to incitefull words under the answer would stay up once the answer was gone... Anyway, I know I'd use it if someone's answer after mine was better than mine. Or, use it if I screwed up real bad on the answer!What do you think?
Just about everyone claims to see the necessity of "reaching across the aisle." Where are you all?Is the fact that this question only received 6 answers, and I might even add from pretty moderate and liberal people only, proof that they are just empty words. The same empty word we accuse our elected officials of spouting?
Why is that? I can hit it for others. I mean, I respect them I just don't see why they can't violate coc also. Anything is possible.
If not, why? Isn't worth of it? So why are you answering?And if yes... please let me know why.:)P.S.: Simple exercise for your mind.
Amazing Guy
If you were granted everything you could ever want, the affection of many, power, money, health, but in return you must accept a promise that you will never experience true love... Would you accept that promise? Would it be worth it?
I was never really that interested in someone that they or their boyfriend would target me for asking a question. Although, I did pass on a golden opportunity for a romantic relationship by not asking the right question to the right girl.
If we are to question only some things, then, how are we to know what to question?One of my recent questions (​??4374) wondered about the nature (logical vs. emotional) of the intelligence of a possible higher power (God, if you will) ... one of the answers to that question (#2) questioned my right to "judge god" ... in your opinion, do you think my question judged god? ... or ... do you think it was a reasonable thing about which to be curious?