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my dad's car's battery keeps on discharging the alternator, battery, and regulator are new. it is a 1985 Dodge B-150 Ram Van
im 14 so i dont have ma own car but my mom drives a honda odissy and ma dad drives a honda something! i forgot wut it was! but we like hondas cause ma uncle owns a honda dealer so we get specal discounts!!!
I need a web site that test the system speed of my computer... the site i used to have had like gauges in a car with a needle that reved up please help me
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I have a '96 Grand Am SE and I think the speedometer is quitting (needle keeps fluctuating) do I just need to replace the cable?
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Last winter, my 2007 Lexus got the winter mats caught on the gas pedal while I was on the X-way. Kept accelerating. I didn't know what was was smokin'g white like crazy, 'cause I was laying on the brakes trying to stop it. I probably travelled a mile-and-a-half that way...brake pedal to the floor (smokin' like crazy, smelling hot-hot-hot) 'til I could maneuver off the road and shut off the car. They checked my brakes at my request and said they were still fine. I have 15K miles on my car.They've now recalled these mats -- I know they've had some serious accidents with them...I think I am entitled, when the time comes, to new brakes or pro-rated new brakes because of this horrendous wear on them.Or is it horrendous wear? Hope this makes sense. Looking for an unbiase opinion. And I thank you.
Have you ever been involved or a victim of road rage? If you have, what did you do?
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I tried to find an owner's manual to download, but couldn't find one that didn't cost at least $30.00. A friend, who lives a 1000 miles away, claims her owner's manual doesn't tell her how to use the overdrive feature on her Toyota Highlander, and so far I have been unable to locate this information on the net.
In the 1960s, a mechanic had a simple 10-second way to render a car theft-proof by reaching under the hood. What was he doing?
I know an 81-year-old woman whose license came up for renewal. She has failed the driver's test 5 times...for weaving, for stopping to fast, for hitting the curb... She received a notice from the state that the only way she can get her driver's license is for a doctor to say she is fit to drive, along with a form for the doctor to fill out. She mailed it to her doctor and asked him to help her get her license. Now...I KNOW the doctor isn't going to get in the car with her before he fills out this form. If he facilitates her getting a driver's license, and she kills someone with her car, what should happen to the doctor? AND why should a doctor have ANY SAY AT ALL as to whether someone is fit to drive?
is the gas tank light always on and turn a diff colorif ther eis a problem, or is it on and maybe stuck.....-14degrees Celsius here....very much below 32deg far...tku....:)
My question is this, I have a car loan, I only have about 6900 on it left, I've been looking for a more luxurious car, I'm in a PT Cruiser, and I'm looking to more to an Acura RL, little older but a lot nicer, anyway, if I sold my PT how would I go about getting the title to give to the person since its not paid off? How does one go about selling a vehicle thats not paid off yet?
I'm soon getting a 1991 Acura Integra. Since I'm 16, my insurance is going to be a lot. I've heard that you can get a discount on your insurance if you have an alarm system. The trade in value of the car is a little over $1,000. Is it worth it to install an alarm system?
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Okay so Im looking at getting a new car, a chrysler crossfire. The car says to use premium gas 92 octane or higher. How much more a year on average is this on gas. 200 300 bucks? I also hearrd to use 0w-40wt oil. What is that and what is the difference between the other oils.
If you hired or have hired a cleaning service to clean you home or office, licensed and bonded of course. And, they offered Auto Detail, wash & detail your car, along with the home/office cleaning, would you hire them to do both jobs for you? Call it, killing 2 birds with 1 stone...
I'm looking for the song, that takes place when Doc Hudson gets his old racing tires on again, and races by himself, and McQueen is watching, its short easy to listen to but very catchy, any ideas, I've checked the soundtrack on Itunes I can't seem to find it on there, any other suggestion?