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I have verizon and so does my girlfriend.. so we get free verizon to verizon calling.. however she is currently visiting new york ... i was wondering even though it is roaming will it still be free verizon to verizon
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Okay, we have a stray cat that comes in sometimes when it's really cold outside. Last night he was inside and, when the lights went off, he sat RIGHT NEXT to our sleeping German Shephard--at his nose-- until our pup got nervous and moved. Then the cat moved to him again. This went on for an hour. WHAT IS THAT CAT THINKIN????!!!!
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I've brought in 2 is very tame; the other is still older kittie. This morning SOMEBODY peed in my couch!!! Boooooo Hooooooo!!!!!!! We have 2 litter boxes; have seen both cats use them. I'm thinking we have to clean them daily? I'm new at this, any thoughts?
i want to rent a mustang or a sports car for a day,im 24 and have full licience.
The alignment was done near closing. I do not believe they finished the job. The cross caster does not fall within the specified range on their sheet. (the computer stated that the value is not with specification) The mecanic said I should not be concerned, but said I should have this done again in three months. Somehow I don't think he spoke accurately to me. ( the truck is a 2005) Any thought or suggestions would be appreciated.
I am wondering if there is a way to get street level and drive through the city as if you were in a car. I know there is a way to get street level but is there a way to "plan" a route at street level and drive it? This would make for some killer videos as there are now 3d buildings incorporated into Google Earth.
especially when you put gas in it and start it up like a car you don't pedal anything you have a throttle?
Hi, I'm new to this site; just switched over from Yahoo Answers.Anyways, I'm just learning how to drive and was wondering, why do you use your right foot for the brake and for the accelerator? Wouldn't it be easier to use your left foot for the brake and right foot for the accelerator?