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In our home, we have 3 different computer, all of them are connected to the same router. When I check manually what ip address has each computer by going to Start>Run and type ipconfig it shows all that information. Interesting thing, may be because our computer are so close to each other, our ip addresses very similar, just in the end one computer has ending in .100, other one in .101 and one more in .102, that's all. But for some reason in internet on most websites it shows just wa-a-a-y different address, different numbers and it's not just for one computer, but for all 3 the same ip address from internet. And it's not just by checking one website, I checked it out few times, different websites on all computers and they show the same thing. But how come locally, by typing ipconfig it shows totally different numbers?So, I would like to know, why our real ip addresses vey similar, and ip addresses by internet are the same, but way different number?Thank you all, people!!
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Mac....of Moot And Mac
Is there a way of disconnecting SecuriLock and bypass Passive Anti-Theft System?
Hey, I just wanna know, how can I tell if the back ports on my PC are USB 2.0?In my device manager, it shows 5 USB ports, with 1 of them being USB 2.0. Problem is, I only see 4 ports on the back of my computer, and another one near it, which is a firewire port.Here's an image:, I just wanna know if I'm reading my drivers correctly (do I really have 5 ports) and if I can figure out where it is if I really do have USB 2.0 ports.
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describe the device or system utilizing the command line interface and how it is use and why also why it has not been recoded as an object oriented system.
When i got my new zune i plugged it in and left it there for a day and a plug in battery icon was there but now my computer wont recognize it in the zune software? how do i fix this?
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Owner Of A Lonely Heart
i am trying to plug in an internal hard drive to another computer if there is a virus on the internal hard drive is there a way to take it out? or will it take over the computer i am using?
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What is Linux?Where do you get it?How do you install it?What are the system reqs?Can you add computer parts to the computer after you install it?(ie, can u add a graphics card/ RAM/ etc)I heard about Linux and was thinking of giving it a try (I use XP)
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I have 3 computers at my office (local 192.168.1.* ip's) that I need to connect to from my house via Remote Desktop Connection... So I need to change the ports on 2 of the computers so when I enter the IP i type:(the_office_IP):(new_port#)So what are a few port numbers that no programs use that I could change these to?
Are there any other people on QandA that find the vast amount programming languages confusing? I don't mean just learning them but mostly what one is right to use for something(such as making a game). If anybody has links to sites that go into depth on this subject could you please post a link?
New Russian Rapper
I'm thinking of buying a 8GB Flash Drive after Christmas and was wondering when I would put (lets say) 700MB on it and take it off after transfering from the drive to another computer, would the 700MB be back?
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Is 430W enough for a Nvida 8800GT card with a Pentium D 3.0 Ghz Dual Core processor, and a bunch of other stuff (such as PATA hard drive and a couple of large fans)?
About on year ago I assembled a computer. After a couple months of using it the computer would be hard to start. By this I mean I turn it on and it works for a second the powers down ,but I can get it started after a couple times of repeating those steps. I know quite a bit about computer hardware and I was just trying to get a second or third opinion etc. Should I buy another power supply?
I have jailbreakme installed and i have turned the ssf or whatever its called on; and i followed the instructions for cuteftp 8 pro according to youtube but the computer wont connect to it. Whats the problem here?
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