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The Oracle
a pound. It came in a foil pouch, sealed. It's wonderful stuff- you can sprinkle it on anything and everything and it does not affect the taste but it's extremely good for you. It's pretty fine, almost powder. Problem is, when she sent it, I stuck it in the freezer for preservation. It's as hard as rock now. I've tried everything (can't microwave thaw it or anything, because it's in a foil bag that I can't even get open)......I've laid it out in very hot sunlight,'s like a solid brick....what to do? (It's not cheap)
Cougarxr7 Randy
The extent to which pedophilia occurs is not known with any certainty. Some studies have concluded that at least a quarter of all adult men may have some feelings of sexual arousal in connection with children.[29] Freund et al. (1972) remarked that "with males who have no deviant object preferences, clearly positive sexual reactions occur to [nude] 6- to 8-year old female children."[30]
glass has been broken, how do i replace
Billy Jean
Thus, Exxon makes 30 cents Profit Per Gallon of Gas used in the ENTIRE United States - and Exxon is just ONE company.... Too much profit off the backs of the American consumer ?