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Tags: quality
Politics Junkie
It beats me, paying for superior quality DVD players and TV's to watch inferior DVD's I hear of people who have all the latest "probably unreleased" DVD's sitting by there TV in cheap home printed case's. Ok that's my rant for the evening.
I need a high quality DVD ripping program that is cheap and user-friendly. Where can I find one?
I am trying to help a friend extract a frame from a DVD to make a poster out of. Does anyone have any good way of how to do this? The image must be of really good quality.
Microsoft's original Xbox console has 'good enough' (actually 'great') quality graphics (that are noticeably better than those on Sony PlayStation 2), and looking at hardware specifications of Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Wii, one can conclude that both are nearly equivalent to each other. Why does then everyone keep whining about the graphics quality of Nintendo Wii (in comparison to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), when Wii already has 'good enough' (in fact 'great') quality graphics?Have people suddenly started finding the graphics quality of their (original) Xbox systems poor, just because Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have far superior graphics?Think of it this way- will people suddenly start finding video quality on their DVDs as poor, now that HD DVD and Blu-ray formats are available?
My chihuahua eats his own and the other dogs poo. They eat what I have been told by professionals, a breed specific dog food and he still eats it. Its hard to love on a dog knowing where their mouth has been, if you know what I mean...Yuck!!
I've been really into goat cheese lately and while I've tried a number of different kinds from the supermarket, it's hard for me to know what I should be looking for in spotting a "good goat cheese." What should I be looking for in terms of telling the difference between a good goat cheese vs a bad one? Is it just about price (more expensive = better)? Or is there more to it than that?
I am a practical individual, and believe in dignity. So, when I see an elderly person that is "no longer there," where s/he can't move or think anymore the way s/he used to, where the mind is so far off that the essence of who that person was is gone, I say to myself wouldn't that person be better off dead? And, then I think about my own future when I become an elderly person, and I say to myself "that will never happen to me because I will euthanize myself before that happens." What do you think?
C'mon fellas, what comes to mind first? What trips your trigger?
What makes your heart flutter? What catches your eye and your interest...Or what just makes you smile when you see him doing it?
Amazing Guy
it does not matter how big or small it is. But if you really wanted to, what is one thing you could do starting now? And if it would truly improve the quality or happiness of your life..... why are you doing it? or WILL you do it?
Don't most neighborhoods have noise ordinances? Where should I LOOK to read more about them? What would be the best way to report my neighbors to the police for violations such as that? Clearly, 911 is not the right answer. I love reporting crimes and abuse - I feel so much better at night knowing that I'm helping make the community a better place. -LB