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I believe we are rational adults.This is primarily a fun question.For the most part we are a respectful bunch.This is still America!This question was removed because I was told it may be inflammatory.
Hard drives, keyboards, even mouse pads.Do you think it would be possible to build a half-decent computer with free computer part donations by QnAers?What could you spare?
this is just funtering, What vehicle does their online personality have you seeing them drive? Please do not give actual information that you might know about another user's vehicle.I have a long list, I will start with a few... and then add under comments...Trina-Subaru station wagon full of car seats brwon or dark blue Cemil- Volvo, four door, white or ivoryCeecee and Toomuch-Good humor ice cream truck (must be the monkey and the balloons, lol)Yellow Rose- dodge magnum(hemi) greenMJM and Jackie-16 passenger van, lolAngel Wakes-Mini Cooper, bright redRon Chamberlin- large four door sedan, white, unnofficial plates btw ;-)Nac--mini-van with soccer logos on the windows, dark redNDWind-Pickup truck, black or ivory, has a set of steer horns on the front as a hood ornament, and two bumperstickers on the back. One reads, "My other car is a Harley" and the other reads, "God Bless Texas"More coming under comments... :-)
"bad" said..need to be told/asked why they're being such jerks and what so interesting iw/ "you" in particular--or--should just shut one's big fat mouth...when actually a nice little argument might actually make "one" [you--or--me???]....feel a little bit better.....There are very few that elicit that kind of response for me and I "try" to take the high road and prefer to ignore--but--just wondering what YOU think? ThanksK
picked up...and from whom? And do you pick up local dialects easily? Do you use them in the "real world" or just on QnA?

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