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I also heard it ruins vcr tapes to put them on top of the vcr. Is this true?
Neighbours have been spoken to and unwilling to contact SPCA at this point
So here is the thing: yesterday when I was using computer my antivrus software told me that there was infected file on it so I clicked heal (to clean file) but it was unsuccesful so it put it in virus vault
Young Hog
I have Two unallocated space file things on my hard drive one is 10 GB and the other 800 MB how can I get it so their both on disk drive C, I also have another Disk Drive S which is 801 MB and its ntfs when I go to delete it, it says windows cannot delete the active system on this disk drive, this disk drive was created by bit locker, but i cannot use bit locker due to I do not have one of the things for it, there is files on it but I cant access them to delete them and I do have hidden files/folders on, Disk Drive C is also NTFS.
Delayed typing, my animated graphics no longer insert..anyone else having a problem with this, or do I need to do something different (my computer isn't overloaded with cookies, sites, etc).
I want to lock out the internet, except for a few people. I do not want a general lock on the computer thou.
How can I stop my computer from putting my computer into the screen saver when I'm using Windows Media Center [during playback]. I know that I can change the settings by right click on the desktop and change it, but I don't want to do it that way. Because I don't want to change the settings. Are there another ways, like select "Do not allow screen saver during playback" like in Windows Media Player or something?Thank You, For all your answers.*I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium.