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My poms and shih-tzu's both sleep with their tongue out...
If we put our beliefs only in our time here on earth, then God has killed us all, including his own son!If we put our beliefs on the past, present and future, then there is an eternal plan. If Satan is real, we will live in eternal damnation, fiery pits, and suffer to the point of "gnashing of teeth". What else has Satan offered?If God is real, our "split second of eternity" here on earth is simply a period of learning, so that we will truely experience eternal life in that we have also gained the knowledge of "mortal death". If only Jesus is real, who are we to call him a liar, because Jesus said he walked and spoke with Satan, so therefore if Jesus is real, Satan is real, unless we have firsthand knowledge that Jesus lied. So, does life continue after death, or is our mortal death literally "the end"?
Maybe if we address this in a reduced, step by step fashion we will get further. So without reference to what this purpose may be, what evidence do you have that life either does or doesn't have a purpose? We know that when you die you can't take any of what you worked so hard for during your life, and we know that life is full of injustice. So what then is our purpose? What should one make their life's goal, which they must complete before death?
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