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In my apartment I am allowed to have pets. I have a daughter and I feel my daughter needs additional loving!!!!!
Apparently my cell phone is too new for the reviews that I've found online. First time ever I may be ahead of the techies,, lol... unbelievable. Opinions from those that actually own the phone are appreciated, thanks!
I am an MSN/Microsoft fanatic,however, I have owned the MDA and would like to move to the Wing but I heard it had many technical problems. The Blackberry Curve does nearly similar things as the MDA and seems to be more stable. Which devise do your prefer?T Mobile Wing​scope=&FORM=LIVSOPBlackberry Curve​m=QBRE
I want to be able to use my cell phone charger, hairdryer, curling iron, and be able to charge my laptop.
or any repair manual; for twingo's Im an American , in France and cant seem to get one. and its gonna cost alot to send it to a shop over hereHELP !!!!